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Where is the “Save and Compact” in CS5?

I found the “Save and Compact” was missing from the new Flash CS5. At first it didn’t bother me until I copied a previous project with loads of bitmaps to act as base for a new project.
I always work this way when I start a new project: I copy my most recent (similar) project, remove the stuff I don’t need, rename some stuff and start building the new project.
No problem for as-files, but oddly enough stuff like movie clips, sounds, bitmaps, etc. you remove from your fla-file-library are not actually removed from the fla-file itself. This means all stuff removed from the library is actually just hidden (but with no way to un-hide) and will float forever in your fla-file without any use.
In previous Flash versions this problem could be solved by hitting the “Save and compact” option but for some reason they removed this option in the CS5 version of Flash.

Very annoying if you ask me because I just want to work like I was used to without fla files growing in size with each new project (for no apparent reason).
Luckily I found a very simple solution: clear everything from your library you don’t need any more and then just hit “Save as…” and save as a CS4 file. Thiss step will remove most of the overhead. After this, saving it again as CS5 file will reduce the file-size even more!

This trick is a bit more work than before (and it would make more sense if Flash did it all by itself),  but atleast it gets the job done.

Hopfully an update for CS5 will get rid of this problem once and for all…

Buggy Flash 9 IDE

Just great how Adobe manage to screw up something that was working just fine. 😐

After reading Den Ivanov’s post I wanted to make a comment but it became so big I decided to make a post about it myself;

Apart from the bug Den describes there are tons more. I also have troubles with the panels who very often lose their “titlebar” in which case it’s impossible to close them or switch to other tabs in that panel. The only way to restore them is to close and open the panel (hit F4 twice).
There also is a bug in the sizing of the help window as it often resizes to the height of the screen making it impossible to read the complete content. 🙁

It’s a shame they release a version that is even more buggy than it’s alpha version. Flash 9 is almost the same as version 8 (apart from the as3 compiler) and yet they manage to screw up the IDE.
Too bad the alpha version of Flash 9 couldn’t handle components because it was much more stable than this buggy crap. 👿

I really hope they fix these bugs (they are definitely not eastereggs like Den said) in the next update…

Garbage Collector troubles using the Loader class.

Just great 🙁 another weird Garbage Collector issue in AS3:

When I load an image using the Loader class and unload it later on. It won’t be disposed by the garbage collector.
There are no references to neither the Loader nor the (weak) eventlisteners. After loading the image a couple of times the memory goes sky high :|.

Here is a (simple) example: loadertest.zip

Does anyone have an explaination on why the GC doesn’t clean the loaded content? I would be very grateful!

UPDATE 1 (2007-06-19):
I made the example even less complicated by using the same Loader instance when loading new images.

As I work around I tried to dispose the loaded BitmapData but unfortunately it had no effect.
I assume the leak is somewhere within the Loader (or even deeper in the code) and that the loaded (binary) data is not removed after it’s converted into a BitmapData.

UPDATE 2 (2007-06-19):
I found the solution on in this post:

It seems that the unload() method has a bug when used in the flash IDE. Once I ran the test in a browser there seem to be no more problems and the GC nicely clears the memory…

Lets hope Adobe fixes this problem in the next Flash 9 update.