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Jolly good news!

Jolly good news everyone: Power-up Media and Sterkhouders teamed up, bought a fish tank and before we knew it we found this funny little friend, called Jolly Jellyfish, swimming in it:

As it turned out this flexible little fella loves to create games just as much as we do! You can check out his website at www.jollyjellyfish.com to see some of the stuff he has created so far.
At the moment Jolly is too busy creating new games so his website is still a bit minimalistic but it’ll give you a good impression of his skills.

To celebrate his new home Jolly has released a new casual game called Billy Beamer.

Billy Beamer is a very addictive casual game where you play an alien who has to beam up as many farm animals by combing them into groups of at least three of the same kind. Let’s see if you can make it to the top 10 highscores!
You can play the game online but you can also get it for your iPhone or Android-device.

If you like Jolly as much as we do (can’t imagine you won’t), you can follow him on Twitter: @_jollyjellyfish or you can become fan of his Facebook page.
He would really appreciate it if you drop him a line (or some plankton in his tank) and let him know what you think of his games!


Isn’t it just great when you are full of exiting ideas and you hands are itching to get started but then your hands also start to itch because of RSI 🙁 I had that problem a few months ago, but now I’m up and running again and started of with a nice game: http://www.powerupmedia.nl/#/hoppinpop

I made this game in collaboration with a colleague of mine (Berthjan Achterop / http://www.berthjan.com/)
I started of with the coding of the engine and Berthjan made the design. After applying the design to the game I animated most of the characters to bring it all to live. The result is a “colums”-like game wrapped in a world of weird (but wonderful) creatures 😉

Enjoy and let me know what you think of it…

PS: here is a nice wallpaper to accompany the game 😀

Hoppin\'pop wallpaper

Game tiles experiment

justGREAT! I start off designing some tiles just for practice and one day later I end up with a neat experiment 😀

I was inspired by the graphics of Dofus Arena and decided to try and create some similar tiles… Spending half a day fooling around with Fireworks I ended up with this image:

game tiles

Another half a day later I turned the graphics into an animated terrain generator: http://www.powerupmedia.nl/#/exp080302

The terrain is generated according to three small bitmaps (see top left corner). The first one determines the type of the tile. The second one is like a bumpmap and determines the elevation of eacht tile. The third bitmap determines where objects (plants, rocks, gold, etc.) should be placed.
In the future I might create an editor which can write the bitmaps.

Once I designed more versions of each tile-type (4 or 5 different grass tiles for example) the generator will be able to pick a random version of that tile. This way repetition in the structure should be avoided (at the moment the tiles are just mirrored at random).