Wouldn’t it be just great to see one of your own digital creations manufactured as a real life teddy-bear?
Well, it so happened I entered a contest (at tedde.com) which might make this possible.

The chalange was to create a new design for their “Tedde”. The shape of the tedde was a given and you were only allowed to use 3 colors (apart from black I guess because some early submission also had 4 colours)
Here is my submission to the contest:

You can check out the full version here:

If you like it please vote for it! (just one click)

Manny thanks 😀

PS: While you’re at it, my colleague would be very pleased if you would vote for his submission as well:


Isn’t it just great when you are full of exiting ideas and you hands are itching to get started but then your hands also start to itch because of RSI 🙁 I had that problem a few months ago, but now I’m up and running again and started of with a nice game: http://www.powerupmedia.nl/#/hoppinpop

I made this game in collaboration with a colleague of mine (Berthjan Achterop / http://www.berthjan.com/)
I started of with the coding of the engine and Berthjan made the design. After applying the design to the game I animated most of the characters to bring it all to live. The result is a “colums”-like game wrapped in a world of weird (but wonderful) creatures 😉

Enjoy and let me know what you think of it…

PS: here is a nice wallpaper to accompany the game 😀

Hoppin\'pop wallpaper

Jolly jellyfish turning Away3D

justGREAT how jolly my jellyfish look in 3D 😀

After over a year of not listening to my nagging collegua (Away3D-team member Fabrice Closier) telling me to start working with (Away)3D, I caved… 😛
I started to experiment a little in Away3D and turned my 2D jellyfish experiment into a 3D version. You can watch the result here: http://www.powerupmedia.nl/#/exp080603

I added a couple of tricks I learned way back when I created levels for Unreal Tournament.
For example I added a second viewport for the skybox (in this case a sphere), because the Away3D Skybox-class is in fact not a real skybox but just a really huge cube rendered in the same viewport as the rest of the scene.
The camera in my skybox viewport points in the same direction as the camera in the main viewport but always stays at point (0,0,0). This way the camera will never approach the side of the skybox, giving the illusion that everything in this viewport is really far away.

All-in-all a good start in Away3D if you ask me. I hope to do some real projects with 3D in the comming weeks…

micro dudes (13×13x13x13)

Drawing 169 micro dudes pixel-by-pixel is just great fun! Here is the result:

micro dudeds 13x13x13x13
13×13 dudes, 13×13 pixels each – pixel – fireworks | download

I’m not sure what to do with these pixel fellas, but printing them on posters, stickers and shirts might be a cool idea…

micro dudes (13x13x13)

justGREAT how much fun you can have with just a few pixels.
Inspired by all the cool stuff I saw at the OFFF (Lisbon) last week I decided to do some experimental character design. The guys turned out quite nice if you ask me…
micro dudes
13 dudes, 13×13 pixels each – pixel – fireworks | download
Expect some more of this stuff soon…