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What’s new you ask…?

…well, this blog for instance… (not totally new, but renewed anyway :D). I haven’t been paying much attention to this blog lately but now it’s time to bring it to life once more!

As of February I quit my job and started as a freelance Flash-designer/developer (by the name of Power-up Media) so it was time for a fresh start all together; I finally made a decent main site (, I restyled this blog (hope you like it) and moved it to a new domain ( The main site still needs a little tweaking and it needs a lot more content, but it’s a start…

At the moment I’m trying to figure out what to do with my labs section (http:/  I’ll probably combine it either with the main site or with this blog but whatever it’s gonna be, you can expect some changes there as well.

All said and done I’m now open for Flash- and/or design-jobs so if you got any work laying around please don’t hesitate to contact me…

WordPress update & plugin troubles…

Just great! Recently I updated my blog to wordpress 2.3.3 (because of a major security leak) and all of a sudden almost my entire blog crashed 🙁 .
Without any proper warning on the wordpress site when downloading the new blog version, I assumed there should be no problem to update, but that turned out to be a big mistake…
my entire blog crashed!

It turned out the (old) plugins were the root of the problem and I had to delete them all in order to get my blog up and running again.

Mad as I could be I tried to reinstall new versions of plugins, but since most of the plugins were not yet updated and compatible with the new WordPress version it was still drama and I decided to let it be and leave my blog a big mess (no syntax highlighting, broken tags, etc.).

After a week of snowboard fun I regained the courage to look for new plugins to replace the old ones. And whaddayaknow; I found just the right plugins for my blog. I’m not sure if it was the time plugin-developers needed to update their plugins or the time I needed to cooldown and start a fresh new search but I did it 😀 .

SWF and Youtube embedding
To show swf files, youtube videos and other mash-up stuff I now use xhtml-video-embed. This plugin lets you embed different content using a simple [tag] ... [/tag]-markup…
No more fucked-up embedcode in your post editor!

Syntax highlighting
To display my codesnipets in proper format without screwing up the layout of my theme I now use WP-Codebox. It turned out this plugin is even better than my old syntaxhighlighter-plugin!
This plugin uses a <pre lang="LANGUAGE"> ... <pre>-markup and supports a lot of languages (including actionscript). Very nice. 😀

For the tags of my post I now use the new tag-feature of WordPress. Since it doesn’t display tags with posts by default I had to find a way to show them anyway and I found the answer right here:
In short; you just have to add a line like the one below into the index.php, archive.php,  and/or single.php file of your theme:
<?php the_tags("<b>Tags:</b> ", ", ", ""); ?>
How easy…

In the end it turned out to be all worth the stress and nail nibbling… justGREAT!

PS: With my blog back in business I decided to change the header and footer of my theme as well. Hope you appreciate it :mrgreen: