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micro dudes coverart (Boings & Tickles EP)

A couple of weeks ago Jürgen Sachau asked me if he could use my micro dudes for the cover of his Boings & Tickles EP. A great honor of course so I agreed and made a nice design for him as well. Here is the result:

Boings & Tickles CoverArt Front Boings & Tickles CoverArt Back
front / back (click for full-size on flickr)

You can listen to (and download) the EP here:


Wouldn’t it be just great to see one of your own digital creations manufactured as a real life teddy-bear?
Well, it so happened I entered a contest (at which might make this possible.

The chalange was to create a new design for their “Tedde”. The shape of the tedde was a given and you were only allowed to use 3 colors (apart from black I guess because some early submission also had 4 colours)
Here is my submission to the contest:

You can check out the full version here:

If you like it please vote for it! (just one click)

Manny thanks 😀

PS: While you’re at it, my colleague would be very pleased if you would vote for his submission as well:

micro dudes (13×13x13x13)

Drawing 169 micro dudes pixel-by-pixel is just great fun! Here is the result:

micro dudeds 13x13x13x13
13×13 dudes, 13×13 pixels each – pixel – fireworks | download

I’m not sure what to do with these pixel fellas, but printing them on posters, stickers and shirts might be a cool idea…

micro dudes (13x13x13)

justGREAT how much fun you can have with just a few pixels.
Inspired by all the cool stuff I saw at the OFFF (Lisbon) last week I decided to do some experimental character design. The guys turned out quite nice if you ask me…
micro dudes
13 dudes, 13×13 pixels each – pixel – fireworks | download
Expect some more of this stuff soon…

Game tiles experiment

justGREAT! I start off designing some tiles just for practice and one day later I end up with a neat experiment 😀

I was inspired by the graphics of Dofus Arena and decided to try and create some similar tiles… Spending half a day fooling around with Fireworks I ended up with this image:

game tiles

Another half a day later I turned the graphics into an animated terrain generator:

The terrain is generated according to three small bitmaps (see top left corner). The first one determines the type of the tile. The second one is like a bumpmap and determines the elevation of eacht tile. The third bitmap determines where objects (plants, rocks, gold, etc.) should be placed.
In the future I might create an editor which can write the bitmaps.

Once I designed more versions of each tile-type (4 or 5 different grass tiles for example) the generator will be able to pick a random version of that tile. This way repetition in the structure should be avoided (at the moment the tiles are just mirrored at random).