micro dudes (13×13x13x13)

Drawing 169 micro dudes pixel-by-pixel is just great fun! Here is the result:

micro dudeds 13x13x13x13
13×13 dudes, 13×13 pixels each – pixel – fireworks | download

I’m not sure what to do with these pixel fellas, but printing them on posters, stickers and shirts might be a cool idea…

2 Responses to “micro dudes (13×13x13x13)”

  • wow, just discovered your site and I was very much impressed!! I’m a first year multimedia student.. the work in your labs is absolutely incredible, I hope I can achieve the same level you are working on now one day 🙂
    Is it ok if I ask about some code snippets from time to time ?
    keep up the magnificent work !

  • Haha these guys are great! Nice work on them- makes me want to play with pixels too

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