Jolly Jellyfish’s latest casual game “Cubles” is out now!

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but that was due to the fact that I was working like crazy on Jolly Jellyfish’s latest game Cubles..

Cubles is a highly addictive and super fun casual arcade/puzzle game. It doesn’t matter whether you are more into brain cracking puzzle games or simply like casual arcade games. Cubles offers it all and is guaranteed to give you hours and hours of addictive and challenging fun!

At the moment Cubles only available for Android devices but the next couple of weeks I’ll be working on an iOS port so hopefully you’ll be able enjoy that version before the end of the year as well! You can find the Android version here:

Let me know what you guys think of it and if you have any suggestions to make it even better. And if you like this game, don’t keep it for yourself but share it with all your friends!

Jolly good news!

Jolly good news everyone: Power-up Media and Sterkhouders teamed up, bought a fish tank and before we knew it we found this funny little friend, called Jolly Jellyfish, swimming in it:

As it turned out this flexible little fella loves to create games just as much as we do! You can check out his website at to see some of the stuff he has created so far.
At the moment Jolly is too busy creating new games so his website is still a bit minimalistic but it’ll give you a good impression of his skills.

To celebrate his new home Jolly has released a new casual game called Billy Beamer.

Billy Beamer is a very addictive casual game where you play an alien who has to beam up as many farm animals by combing them into groups of at least three of the same kind. Let’s see if you can make it to the top 10 highscores!
You can play the game online but you can also get it for your iPhone or Android-device.

If you like Jolly as much as we do (can’t imagine you won’t), you can follow him on Twitter: @_jollyjellyfish or you can become fan of his Facebook page.
He would really appreciate it if you drop him a line (or some plankton in his tank) and let him know what you think of his games!

Where is the “Save and Compact” in CS5?

I found the “Save and Compact” was missing from the new Flash CS5. At first it didn’t bother me until I copied a previous project with loads of bitmaps to act as base for a new project.
I always work this way when I start a new project: I copy my most recent (similar) project, remove the stuff I don’t need, rename some stuff and start building the new project.
No problem for as-files, but oddly enough stuff like movie clips, sounds, bitmaps, etc. you remove from your fla-file-library are not actually removed from the fla-file itself. This means all stuff removed from the library is actually just hidden (but with no way to un-hide) and will float forever in your fla-file without any use.
In previous Flash versions this problem could be solved by hitting the “Save and compact” option but for some reason they removed this option in the CS5 version of Flash.

Very annoying if you ask me because I just want to work like I was used to without fla files growing in size with each new project (for no apparent reason).
Luckily I found a very simple solution: clear everything from your library you don’t need any more and then just hit “Save as…” and save as a CS4 file. Thiss step will remove most of the overhead. After this, saving it again as CS5 file will reduce the file-size even more!

This trick is a bit more work than before (and it would make more sense if Flash did it all by itself),  but atleast it gets the job done.

Hopfully an update for CS5 will get rid of this problem once and for all…

micro dudes coverart (Boings & Tickles EP)

A couple of weeks ago Jürgen Sachau asked me if he could use my micro dudes for the cover of his Boings & Tickles EP. A great honor of course so I agreed and made a nice design for him as well. Here is the result:

Boings & Tickles CoverArt Front Boings & Tickles CoverArt Back
front / back (click for full-size on flickr)

You can listen to (and download) the EP here:

What’s new you ask…?

…well, this blog for instance… (not totally new, but renewed anyway :D). I haven’t been paying much attention to this blog lately but now it’s time to bring it to life once more!

As of February I quit my job and started as a freelance Flash-designer/developer (by the name of Power-up Media) so it was time for a fresh start all together; I finally made a decent main site (, I restyled this blog (hope you like it) and moved it to a new domain ( The main site still needs a little tweaking and it needs a lot more content, but it’s a start…

At the moment I’m trying to figure out what to do with my labs section (http:/  I’ll probably combine it either with the main site or with this blog but whatever it’s gonna be, you can expect some changes there as well.

All said and done I’m now open for Flash- and/or design-jobs so if you got any work laying around please don’t hesitate to contact me…